Paintball Equipment

You will be pleased to hear that we provide some of the very best paintball equipment available. Your safety is our number one priority, so we have invested in state of the art equipment that will ensure your games are as a safe as they are fun. For a full list of available equipment please see the list below.

Standard Paintball Equipment

Battle Packs

Worn around the waist, the battle pack is your personal ammo utility belt. Comprised of four pods, each capable of carrying 100 paintballs. Once fully stocked you can carry up to 400 additional paintballs with you onto the battlefield. This means you never need to worry about running out of ammo in the heat of battle – just remember to take cover while you reload!

Safety Goggles

To complete your transformation into a paintball warrior you’ll need your safety goggles. These custom made goggles are designed to fit around your entire head like a helmet – offering full 360 degree protection. The goggles are filled with vents to allow air to move freely and prevent steaming of the visor. We also provide anti-mist wipes for the rare occasions when your visor might attract condensation.

Combat Suit

Your combat suit is the best onesie you will ever wear. Available in small, medium and large sizes; the combat suit covers your arms, legs and torso with a padded layer of protection. An added bonus is the high collar – perfect for deflecting paintballs away from the neck. If used correctly the combat suit will keep your clothes protected from the outdoor elements too.

Paintball Rifle

Your paintball rifle is your best friend, there are many like it but this one is yours! – well, it’s yours for the session. This 0.68 calibre semi-automatic paintball gun is made from brushed steel and comes complete with gas propellant and a paintball hopper for your ammo. If used correctly, you’ll transform into a paintball warrior, feared by all and challenged by none. No pressure.

Optional Paintball Equipment

Paint grenades, flash bangs and smoke bombs

Available to guests aged 18 and over, our range of pyrotechnics are perfect for any aspiring Rambo or GI Jane. Used correctly these items can clear entire rooms or provide cover for sneak attacks and emergency retreats. Stock up on these items at the base camp shop and give your team the edge over the opposition!

M16 upgrade rifle

Take things to the next level by upgrading to the M16. This jet black semi automatic rifle not only looks awesome, it will also make you awesome. The adjustable stock makes aiming even easier as you brace the rifle against shoulder for surgical sniper shots. Let’s not get started on the 11” barrel, built in sight and removable magazine. Numbers are limited however, so make sure you reserve your M16 rifle when you book.

Body armour and armoured gloves

If you’re looking for that extra level of protection then armour is definitely the way forward. Your body armour surrounds your torso without restricting any movement in your arms. The armoured gloves are also designed to be flexible without compromising on protection. Body armour is available for hire and armoured gloves are available for purchase – yours to bring back with you for next time.