It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk


Stag Do Paintballing

Allied Paintball

Picture the scene… you’ve been selected by the State Department to protect the American President on his tour of the United Kingdom. After a top secret meeting with the heads of state, your crack team of boys are escorting the President to his vehicle when you suddenly come under attack. Communications are down so you retreat into a nearby woodland and take cover inside an old London bus. Will you put your life on the line and protect the President until reinforcements arrive? The world is counting on you!

Stag do fun!
One question we’re often asked by groups is ‘Can we deck the stag out in fancy dress?’. While we strongly advise against entering the battlefield in just a mankini, we are happy to help humiliate the condemned man wherever possible. We can even arrange for one of our ‘norty’ actresses to terrorise the stag in basecamp if desired. Over the years we’ve had some memorable costumes, including full teams of Storm Troopers, Power Rangers and Despicable Minions. Which theme will your group choose?

Why Allied Paintball?
Over 700,000 players visit our centres each year, making Allied Paintball the UK’s number one choice for paintball sports. With state of the art paintball equipment including US spec goggles, semi automatic paintball machine guns and special force combat suits you can be sure you’ll look the part when entering the paintball battlefield. Upgrades such as M16 replica machine guns, smoke grenades and flash bangs are also available, and you can even pre book hot pizzas to be delivered into baescamp at lunchtime.

Hollywood inspired game zones
Whether you’re storming the French beaches in our D Day Landing game zone or rescuing the American President in our London Apocalypse scenario, you can be sure to create some mind blowing memories when you enter the battlefield at one of our 32 UK paintball centres. Our game zones even include props sourced directly from the sets of Hollywood blockbusters including James Bond’s Casino Royale and Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow! How many stag dos can boast that?