It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk


Team Building

Allied Paintball

Picture the scene… months of reconnaissance have finally paid off and the location of an enemy stronghold has been revealed – deep within the treacherous, seemingly deserted hills of Afghanistan. Some good men have died to bring you this information and it’s only a matter of time before the insurgents (the people you used to consider work colleagues) relocate. There’s no choice but to strike now. Your specialist unit has been ordered to carry out a Halo Insertion to infiltrate the enemy stronghold and take it down with plastic explosives. Will you get there in time, or will the enemy escape?

Great for team building
Not only does paintball fuse competition with fun, it also promotes many of the positive attributes common to the success of any organisation – such as leadership, teamwork, communication, strategy and of above all else, winning! Paintball is an activity that everyone can get involved in. Once you are wearing your combat suit and your face is hidden behind your goggles, you are effectively anonymous, so it won’t matter what position you hold in the company. Your status on the day will depend on how well you play, not how much you take home each month!

Why Allied Paintball?
Over 700,000 players visit our centres each year, making Allied Paintball the UK’s number one choice for paintball sports. With state of the art paintball equipment including US spec goggles, semi automatic paintball machine guns and special force combat suits you can be sure you’ll look the part when entering the paintball battlefield. Upgrades such as M16 replica machine guns, smoke grenades and flash bangs are also available, and you can even pre book hot pizzas to be delivered into basecamp at lunchtime.

Five star safety record
Allied Paintball has been certified by the UKPBA (the UK’s largest paintball governing body) and has been awarded with an outstanding five star health and safety rating, meaning there’s no need to worry about anyone pulling a sickie afterwards! All of our centres are also covered by full public liability insurance, meaning you and your party can forget the boring stuff and concentrate on pure paintball. With highly qualified paintball marshals and first aid trained centre managers, you can rest assured your team are in safe hands.