It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk

Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

Space Warz

Riding a Jet Ski

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

“It’s a trap!” said Admiral Ackbar famously in Return of the Jedi. Now you can have your chance to experience intergalactic warfare in this exciting game zone inspired by Star Wars.

From planet to planet, star to star, Imperial forces are mercilessly crushing any civilisation that doesn’t bend under their iron grip, and now they have the Rebel Army in their evil sights. They must be stopped! The only way the Rebels can prevent their homes and lives from being destroyed is by seizing control of the enemy flags and gaining access to the blast doors. You’ll need to battle with the ground troops and imposing ‘scout walkers’ along the way. This is no easy feat, but the Rebels, in amongst an arsenal of weapons, have a secret advantage… You! You must take control of the Imperial flags and win this battle to become an intergalactic hero and save the session.

The dense forest battle holds the key to winning the war. A strong victory here will send the evil Empire into disarray. Yet on such a vast landscape, they will not be giving up these key star positions easy… Will good overcome evil in this epic intergalactic battle?

Galactic Tip: Gaining control of the Imperial Shuttle will be absolutely critical to winning this match. It will grant you total cover from attack. You can also use it as a command post for you and your teammates to regroup in. With a base like this, pushing into enemy territory becomes far easier. In this landscape, any high vantage points could prove decisive in holding captured territories back from the enemy. You can also use the outer edges of the galactic field to find the perfect cover for advancing enemy attacks.

Please note: there are no storm troopers present in the game zone but feel free to bring your own outfit!

May the force be with you.