It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk

Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

Enemy at the Gates

Riding a Jet Ski

This game zone takes you back to one of the biggest battles in history.

With limited access via three key bridges, this infamous 1942 showdown is a bloody battle between the giant Soviet and German forces. The possession of Stalingrad is at stake – are you ready to take control? You’ll need to organise your commando team and strike when the time is right to catch the enemy by surprise – allowing yourself enough cover if things backfire! Coordinating your team has never been more important to plan a heavy line of attack against the heavily protected Soviet bunker.

Guarded trenches stand in your way, along with barricades and hidden fire from all angles. It is no good standing back and letting the enemy come to you, or you’ll soon find yourself trapped by the opposition. This game is all about tactics, taking the enemy by surprise to gain possession has never been harder. Your abilities are coming up against one another in full force – will you be the first to stand back and admit defeat? Which team will survive?

With the battle of Stalingrad known as the bloodiest war ever with thousands of casualties, be prepared for flash bangs, paint grenades and all many of weaponry coming your way – the enemy will not be defeated easily.