It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk

Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

Dawn of the Dead

Riding a Jet Ski

You’ve heard rumours that the Dark Crypt is home to zombies, stalking and haunting the nearby graveyard. Their undead corpses attacking anyone they see, in defence of the Holy Book located on the Dark Crypt’s high altar. Your mission it to invade and obtain the Holy Book, avoiding the grasp of the zombies. Do you have what it takes to avoid their attack and safely return the book to the zombies’ spawning point? Your unit will require patience and stealth to outsmart them – you cannot afford to be taken down.

The grand two-storey church is based in the middle of the battle, surrounded by gravestones and coffins. Your advantage point comes in the form of the bell tower, supplying your team with cover and a chance to take the enemy by surprise.

This game takes a shed load of skill to come out successful, with both teams starting at opposite ends with the same task in mind. Will you let the opposition take control and gain access to the Holy Book? You’ll need to storm the enemy by surprise to seize control – there is no better zone to demonstrate your team work skills and bring peace to the area once and for all