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D Day Landing

Riding a Jet Ski

June 6th, 1944. ‘D-Day’. One of the most memorable days in the last century.

It has been a long and bloody war. Now, the liberation of all of Western Europe rests on the success of Operation Overlord. The airborne invasion of the French coast began just after midnight, weakening enemy defences. Now, thousands of amphibious landing craft filled with English and American troops are heading across the English Channel to storm the beaches of Normandy for the battle of a lifetime.

You and your fellow soldiers must fight your way up the dangerous beach. There’s hardly any cover scattered along the shoreline, this game zone requires determination and skill. You must take out the German defences at all costs using teamwork.

D-Day Landing is just one of many incredible, movie-set quality game zones that Allied Paintball centres across the UK have to offer to our customers. Like the epic Siege of Stalingrad and Vietcong Village game zones, D-Day Landing was designed to be a simulation of historical events that changed the world.

In this game zone be prepared to face the Normandy beach landings of June 6th 1944 that turned the tide of the Second World War. Of course, it is impossible to imitate the true scale, terror and tragic loss of human life that happened during the Normandy beach landings. Out of respect for all that occurred, our construction team make it their objective to build the most impressive amphibious landing craft, tank traps and machine gun nests possible to pay tribute to this historic event. We offer our customers a top grade experience with none of the real-life danger. Good luck soldiers!