It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk

Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

Black Hawk Down

Riding a Jet Ski

As you and your team move through the jungle, the hostile surrounding is punctuated by the sound of an explosion overhead. You’re unsure if anyone has even survived as you catch a glimpse of a Black Hawk helicopter scattering itself everywhere. Hit by an enemy RPG, the pilot has activated his distress signal and by some miracle, survived. Your task is to quickly move through the jungle, assess the situation and bring the injured pilot to safety before the enemy have a chance to capture him. Do you want to accept the challenge?

Attacking the enemy from both flanks will cut off the opposition’s access and give your team the upper hand, but you’ve got to be quick to spot any sneaky attacks. As you both fight for control of the Black Hawk chopper, who will come out victorious? Can you get the pilot safely away from ‘questioning’? Does your team have what it takes to maintain their own safety and approach the task in hand with enough skill to win? The enemy forces certainly aren’t backing down and there is no chance they are going to take this mission lightly. Be prepared for heavy fire and don’t let the enemy forces get to the pilot first. His life is in your hands and all eyes are on your team to succeed.